The Pediatric Center of Excellence in Nephrology

The CHOP-PCEN involves regional and national collaborations with clinical and translational researchers at CHOP, Johns Hopkins, and other pediatric hospitals participating in PEDSnet, a consortium of eight academic pediatric health centers providing care for more than 4.5 million children. The CHOP-PCEN has two Biomedical Research Cores in addition to an Administrative Core. Within the Administrative Core, the CHOP-PCEN supports design and analysis consultative resources. The Clinical Phenotyping Core focuses on nutrition/cardiovascular disease risk factors and bone health, while the Learning Health System Core leverages the Electronic Health Record at eight leading children’s hospitals to promote collaborative research and quality improvement. A pilot and feasibility program, an Enrichment Core, and two research project proposals use CHOP-PCEN core services.

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Roberts Center for Pediatric Research, 2716 South Street, Philadelphia PA 19146