Pilot and Feasibility Program

CHOP’s Pediatric Center of Excellence in Nephrology (CHOP PCEN) aims to break down barriers to implementing clinical trials in childhood kidney disease. Each year the Center seeks applications to support at least one pilot and feasibility research project. Maximum funding is $50,000 for one year.

The Cycle 4 Call for Pilot/Feasibility Proposals for Clinical Trials in Pediatric Kidney Disease will be released in November/December 2020.

The Cycle 3 Call for Pilot/Feasibility Proposals for Clinical Trials in Pediatric Kidney Disease is available for your reference.

Applications must include human subjects research in pediatric nephrology. Basic science research or diseases outside pediatric kidney disease are not accepted. Proposals must utilize at least one of the CHOP PCEN Cores and focus on research that will directly lead to clinical trials in pediatric nephrology. The pilot application itself does not have to be a clinical trial.

Junior and mid-career investigators with human subjects research interests related to the prevention, treatment, or progression of kidney disease in children and its associated morbidities, and identifying novel strategies for subsequent clinical trials.

Anticipated Cycle 4 Key Dates:

  • Letters of Intent will be due on January 15, 2021 by 5:00PM EST.
  • Invitations to submit Full Applications will be issued by February 1, 2021.
  • Full Applications will be due on March 15, 2021 by 5:00PM EST.
  • Awards will be announced in May 2021.

The funding period will be July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

How to Apply:
More information about application guidelines will be outlined in the RFA (to be released November/December 2020). All letters of intent and applications should be submitted electronically to greens10 [at] email.chop.edu (subject: Contact%20form%20from%20PCEN%20website) (Sarah Green) as PDFs.

Application or Funding Questions:
For questions, please contact laskinb [at] email.chop.edu (subject: Contact%20form%20from%20PCEN%20website) (Benjamin Laskin, MD, MS) or greens10 [at] email.chop.edu (subject: Contact%20form%20from%20PCEN%20website) (Sarah Green).

Funded Projects

Cycle 1 Pilot Projects

Principal Investigator: Amy Kogon, MD, MPH (Asst Prof, CHOP)
Project Title: Determinants of Obesity in Pediatric CKD and the Links to Cardiovascular Outcomes
Core: Clinical Phenotyping

Principal Investigators: Meredith Atkinson, MD, MHS (Assoc Prof, Hopkins) and Scott Wenderfer, MD, PhD (Assoc Prof, Baylor)
Project Title: Learning Health Systems for Pediatric Lupus and Lupus Nephritis Research
Core: Learning Health System

Two additional projects were partially supported with seed funding.

Principal Investigator: Oleh Akchurin, MD, PhD (Asst Prof, Cornell)
Project Title: Pilot Clinical Trial of Oral Iron Therapy in Pediatric CKD
Core: Clinical Phenotyping

Principal Investigator: Abdulla Ehlayel, MD (Fellow, CHOP)
Project Title: Volume Assessment in Dialysis Patients using Ultrasound, Anthropometric Measurements and Bioimpedance
Core: Clinical Phenotyping

Cycle 2 Pilot Projects

Principal Investigator: Erum Hartung, MD, MTR (Asst Prof, CHOP)
Project Title: Develop and Validate a Computable Phenotype for ARPKD
Core: Learning Health System Core

Three additional projects were partially supported with seed funding through the Pilot and Feasibility Program.

Principal Investigators: Katja Gist, DO (Asst Prof, Colorado) and Danielle Soranno, MD (Assoc Prof, Colorado)
Project Title: Effect of Acute Kidney Injury on Vascular Health in Pediatric Patients
Core: Clinical Phenotyping Core

Principal Investigators: Hillarey Stone, DO (Fellow, Cincinnati), Edward Nehus, MD (Asst Prof, Cincinnati), and Mark Mitsnefes, MD (Prof, Cincinnati)
Project Title: Treatment Practices and Outcomes in Children with IgA Vasculitis with Nephritis
Core: Learning Health System Core

Principal Investigator: Rebecca Ruebner, MD (Asst Prof, Hopkins)
Project Title: Pubertal Effects on Kidney Disease Progression and Cardiovascular Disease in Children with CKD
Core: Clinical Phenotyping Core

Cycle 3 Pilot Projects

Principal Investigator: Joyce Samuel, MD (Asst Prof, UTHealth)
Project Title: Feasibility of N-of-1 Trials in Children with Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Disease (NICHE-CKD) study
Core: Learning Health System Core

Principal Investigator: Vikas Dharnidharka, MD, MPH (Prof, St. Louis)
Project Title: Comparative effectiveness of treatments for recurrent focal segmental glomerulosclerosis in pediatric kidney transplantation
Core: Learning Health System Core

Citing the Grant

Any publications or presentations that are the direct result of this funding must acknowledge the grant support:

Research reported in this publication was funded by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Pediatric Center of Excellence in Nephrology and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases of the National Institutes of Health under award number P50DK114786. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.;p>

Additionally, please submit an electronic copy of publications supported by CHOP PCEN funding to greens10 [at] email.chop.edu (subject: Contact%20form%20from%20PCEN%20website) (Sarah Green).

Related People

Jeffrey Fadrowski, MD, MHS

Photo of Jeffrey Fadrowski, MD, MHS
Co-Director of Pilot and Feasibility Program

Jeffrey Fadrowski, MD, MHS, is a specialist in pediatric nephrology and epidemiology at Johns Hopkins whose career has focused on the study of the impact of environmental toxicants on chronic kidney disease and its progression in children. His research interests in end-stage kidney disease, chronic kidney disease, estimation of glomerular filtration rate, and vaccines complement his study of the impact of environmental toxicants and kidney disease. He is also the associate program director of the Pediatric Residency at Johns Hopkins.

Benjamin Laskin, MD

Photo of Benjamin Laskin, MD
Co-Director of Pilot and Feasibility Program

Benjamin Laskin, MD, is a pediatric nephrologist at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Dr. Laskin’s research interests center on infections and kidney disease in immunosuppressed children, including those receiving a bone marrow or solid organ transplant. He serves as the clinical operations director for the Division of Nephrology, an EPIC electronic health record clinical champion, and the medical director for Quality Improvement for the Transplant Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.