Research Cores

Chronic kidney disease is associated with progressive disturbances in growth and maturation, bone accrual and quality, nutritional status, and cardiovascular health. A critical need exists for validated strategies to prevent and treat these complications, optimize growth and development, and improve long-term outcomes for this high-risk population. The Clinical Phenotyping Core leverages the resources of CHOP’s Clinical and Translational Research Center and state-of-the-art methods for assessing bone quality, body composition, bionutrition, and vascular health.

One of the critical barriers to studying childhood kidney disease is the lack of a national interconnected, multi-institutional infrastructure able to reach adequate numbers of affected children and provide the depth of information necessary to characterize their kidney disease. The Learning Health System Core of the PCEN will formally establish a Pediatric Nephrology Learning Network to address fundamental questions of clinical effectiveness of therapies for children and their families.